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  1. Lovely picture – again we are on the same track only my photo of emerging rhubarb didn’t come out too well so I haven’t shared it! Our daffodils are slightly ahead of this and should be in flower soon.

  2. I like “shouldering”: it’s not just a pretty face, the stuff of romantic poetry; but a determined little thing, doing hard–and beautiful–work.

  3. I returned home yesterday to about half the amount of snow we had when we left…so that along with your beautiful photos/words of the daffodils gives me hope for a spring soon to arrive!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Technically it is Spring now…but winter is holding on as hard as it can.
    It’s March 22 and the temperature has dipped back down into the 30s.
    Little flowers shivering!

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