the four pawed palm reader
daffodils soon to bloom

The Council

at the birdbath
migration is debated

Between The Tulips And The Iris

tiny explosion
a potency
of blue

Spot Of Green

the spice of ginger
sweet sight of snowdrops
a feast for winter weary eyes

For The Bees

the garden bed
a candy store
offering lavendar lollipops

Friendly Conversation

from the tulips
as the violets wander by

Friendly Face

the daffodil
shares her smile
offering much needed cheerfulness

Tiger Lily

big cat
of the flower bed
wearing leopard spots

Those Girls

chorus line of tulips
all high kicks
and red lipstick

Celestial Sphere

constellation of blooms
bees orbit
the purple planet

Spring Squares Off With The Summer Sun

spring bulbs
duel the sun
high noon in the garden


sleepy heads
dewy eyed bulbs
rise from the garden bed

Snowdrops In Shadow

from the darkness
hope’s spring eternal


curving petal
the flower’s wink
magic in everything