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  1. Looking at the photos on your site and reading your poetry makes me feel like we are living parallel lives with our art! Thanks for sharing these beautiful glimpses of nature.

  2. This reminds me of a hill I wanted to climb back home in Ireland, it had a tree on top that we thought looked like a giraffe. I had to wait a year to get a chance to climb up there and did so at 5 in the morning after a nighty of heavy drinking. Turns out it was two trees and that wasn’t anywhere near the top of the mountain, so I ventured on till I could climb no further. Best hangover cure ever 🙂

      1. There’s no like button on my toolbar. Thank you for liking my last post. I’ve finally taken the time to check out your posts. I think I’ve added 30 hits to your stats today. I’ve really enjoyed your photographs and the text that you add to each post.

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