Never Stopping

the sky
crosses the boundary
of forever


into the misty unknown
carry your dreams
while seeking the sun

Like Lovers Parting

monarch and flower
kissed by the sun
one final embrace
before the journey’s begun


motionless he remained
his soul already
flown to heaven


No One To Ask But The Fog And The Snow

will the curve
in the road
lead us back home?


finally seen
the exit
from darkness

Alone With Everything

down the soft pine needle path
amidst the tall tall trees
the breeze accompanies me

Lantern In The Woods

a welcome
for wanderers
in the wild

Homeward Bound

water’s purpose
to be ever
rushing home

When Paths Diverge

some times
the deepest connection
is made alone


through darkness
into light
the journey’s substance


remembering it all
spring summer fall
raven heads into winter

Under The Overpass

nature travels
humble hallowed byways
that always lead home

Red Eft’s Rite of Passage

orange his only protection
so many small steps in the long journey
from adolescence to adulthood


this is the way
through the dark and the grey
past winter’s long night and into the light