Microscopic Astronauts

the ground grew
a space station ready
to launch spores into flight

Golden Goblet

for the fairies banquet
fresh rain water served
with a leaf stem straw

One Way To Mark Your Place In Time

with one step
we are on the other side
and a new year begins

Her Warm Yellow Glow

peek a boo
the morning moon

Last Year’s Leaves

while leaving
they reveal the beauty
of their complexities

Birch Bark Mushroom

a transition of
sustenance to self

The Artist At Play

in her paint box
the intrepid unexpected

Tiny Are All Beginnings

at the crest
of a moss mountain
a pine begins

Movement Without Moving

even the stationary rock
will cross the line
in due time


green dinosaur
rises from the ancient earth
defying extinction


The birch lies with lichen and leaves
only to rise again in the next season
as hope eternal, the spring ephemerals.


A spiral staircase from the forest floor
like an Escher leading everywhere and nowhere
all at once.