5 Replies to “Two Red Feathers”

  1. Thank you, Catherine, for your wondrous display,
    Your photo and poem, they light up my day.
    A gateway to realms where dreams come to life,
    Where enchantment and wonder overcome strife.

    The wild rose in bloom, its crimson so bold,
    A sight to behold in its story untold.
    And feathers entwined, in their graceful dance,
    They captivate us, put us in a trance.

    It’s nature adorned, in her fanciful attire,
    Inviting us all to gaze and admire.
    With wisdom and brightness, your mind soars high,
    Unleashing creative genius, none can deny.

    Each stroke and each word, a vision unfolds,
    Revealing the wonders that nature holds.
    Leaves and stems morph into magical scenes,
    Unveiling the beauty that lies in between.

    In the realm of your art, inspiration thrives,
    Fulfilling our needs with beauty that drives.
    Imagination and magic, they’re never in short,
    As we bask in the tales that your creations support.

    So let us embrace this gift, so profound,
    Let our own creativity fly, unbound.
    For in the mundane, true magic resides,
    Waiting for wise eyes to see what it hides.

    Thank you, Catherine, for sharing your delight,
    For igniting our imaginations so bright.
    Continue to weave your artistic spell,
    With tales that in our hearts forever dwell.

    1. Oh Heather, I am so deeply touched and profoundly moved by your words. Thank you, thank you. It is so meaningful to me that you so deeply understand my art – it’s meaning and purpose, the desire to ignite others imaginations and dreams, to use beauty as a beacon in the dark. I will keep your words close and they will give me comfort and strength on those days when I am weary and faltering in my search for beauty, delight and connection.
      Thank you – for your thoughts so eloquently expressed. ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Dear Catherine, whose very name, brings forth a smile upon my face,

        Thank you so much for sharing your heartfelt response with me. Your passion and dedication to your art truly shines through your words. It means a lot to know that my understanding of your work resonated with you deeply. I am honored to have connected with you on a level that captures the essence of your art’s purpose and the emotions it evokes. Please remember that your talent has the power to inspire and uplift others, even on the toughest days. Keep pursuing beauty, delight, and connection, and may your creations continue to touch hearts and ignite imaginations. Sending you warmth and support. ❤️❤️❤️

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