8 Replies to “Right Behind Us”

  1. Whispers of Winter

    Perched on bare branches, as winter draws near,
    Autumn’s vibrant hues fade, becoming unclear.
    The world gracefully transforms, a dance with finesse,
    Branches surrendering, embraced by winter’s caress.

    Once ablaze, leaves flutter delicately down,
    Snowflakes whisper silently, without a sound.
    Perched birds observe, wise eyes filled with knowing,
    In winter’s skies, their silence is always showing.

    A suspended moment, where worlds delicately blend,
    Autumn bids farewell, as winter’s calm descends.
    Beneath bare branches, a chance for reflection,
    Finding solace in the path of transition’s direction.

    The air turns crisp, a serene chorus in tune,
    Nature draped in hush, winter’s enchantment strewn.
    Within bare branches, beauty lies undiscovered,
    Unveiling winter’s allure through the tapestry of snow uncovered. 🗻

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