Summer Comes

a window is opened in heaven
in summer waltzes
scattering shades of blue

The Chairs’ View

sit awhile
and watch spring
wander over

The Wondrous Wind

leaves into light
before winter’s good night

Autumn In The Meadow

the light
more precious
as darkness nears

If Summer Could Go On Forever

sunflowers would
shine their cheerful light
through winter’s dark night


autumn’s intensity
of color and light
renews my spirit

Frost Dodger

as summer wanes
each flower more precious
for the precariousness

Savoring The Sunshine

summer has not yet
opened the gate
to fall

Now The Light Slants Towards September

shadows grow longer
the birdhouse stands empty
the quiet of fall approaches

Fall Preparations

room in the cheeks
room in the stash house
work to be done

Green Centurions

regiment of pines
establishing the frontline
in the waning autumn light

Until We Meet Again

grasses weep
a tear or two
bidding summer ado


taking in the scene
the season’s change
to brown from green


as autumn’s color departs
we store its memory
for winter sustenance


from chilly nights
dew and disintegration

Two Chairs On The Path

together we sit
and wait for fall’s
parade of color

Too Soon To Say Goodbye

like summer
we linger
by the fencepost

Fall Approaches

as everything changes
keep flowering
as long as you can