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  1. I love birch trees. We have many around here that look exactly like your photo with all the sticks on the ground. Never thought to take a photo of it. You have made me see the same view a different way and that’s a good thing!

  2. Love the image and the words. Not so many birch trees here but I do love the ancient presence of my big gum trees. I often wonder what tales these trees could tell us.

      1. I have an old tree in my paddock I call The Warrior Tree because it looks very battle scarred. It has been hit by lightening and has a big hollowed out area at the base. Sometimes kangaroos lie there to escape the heat of the day. I also imagine our indigenous people sheltering under that tree too,

  3. That’s one of my fovourite trees; so nice colors (above all in autumn); it does not hide the light of the sun.
    I totally agree with your beautiful words, here: I…we…need to be really together, always, and above all when winter (soul winter) knoks and strikes…

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