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  1. great picture.

    these are actually mountain laurel. though i grew up in the heart of rhodie country, i didn’t see my first mountain laurel until only about a month ago. my wife and i thought they were so cool, that we now have 3 in our yards to go with our many rhodies. My favorite is the arctic glow. They have a fragrance that fills the entire yard when blooming.

    rhodies and mountain laurel are in the heath family (ericaceae.) extending out plant classification and azalea and a little wider and blueberries are included.

    1. Thanks so much! I LOVE to learn a new plant name (common and proper!). The bloom didn’t look quite right for a rhodie but it was in amongst some and the leaf was trying to pass itself off. Wow blueberries too! Who knew?! And now I do. Thanks again!

      1. sometimes, i struggle with writing something like that for fear of coming off as too pretentious or a know-it-all.

        i myself, thought it was a rhodie. the leaves, branches and trunk screamed rhodie. the flowers didn’t quite work, but i figured close enough. it’s only when my wife showed a picture of the flower to a friend did i find out what it was. so, you’re in very good company for miscategorizing the plant.

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