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    1. Thanks for the identification Elaine. I hadn’t seen dandelions grow up through leaves with no foliage before – and that’s why! Coltsfoot is a wonderful name – but it doesn’t resonate as well with disparage. πŸ™‚

      1. Ah, there’s the answer! We have a different dandelion here in Texas, but this looked like something other than ours, or the European dandelion. No matter — it’s just as lovely, though quite unusual, popping up through the leaves that way.

  1. Yes, Coltsfoot…I mentioned it and posted a picture of a huge bank of them last month around Easter in an earlier poem of mine. Golden and bright, like yours, growing in a dry, grey, barren soil. They are dazzling wee suns when all else is dull…lion’s tooth or dent de lion from the French.

  2. Love Dandelions. I have always felt God created them for children to pick as a flower to give to mothers. They are indeed a worthy weed πŸ™‚

  3. Excellent.

    Forgive me quoting someone else here but your piece made me think so much of an Allen Ginsberg poem that I love, the end of which reads,

    Yellow, yellow flower, and
    flower of industry,
    tough spiky ugly flower,
    flower nonetheless,
    with the form of the great yellow
    Rose in your brain!
    This is the flower of the World.

    Also, you may or may not remember me telling you last year about the Blackbird who was trying to build a nest on my porch light. Well… She is back… For the fourth year in a row, She is amazing.

    Thank you for sharing,


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