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  1. Seeing into, not just seeing, is what art can do–for the artist with a camera that helps, and for us, who often forget even to lo look–but also for the sake of beauty itself . Thank you for the woodsy morning vision this Sunday morning. My whole day is enriched. Lord, that I may see, see into, and through.

  2. I had a pair of Yellow-Bellied- Sap-Suckers kill my big weeping birch tree, it took 3 years. Some red squirrels came also and peeled the bark off for more sap.

  3. The beauty you share from plants, in words and photos does not cost any of us hard work or technological assistance–these experiences are free to anyone who walks outside, and listens, sees, smells, touches. Thank you for showing us the depth and breadth of that beauty!

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