Azalea’s Final Gift

she saved
her best for last
in this bittersweet expressionism

On The Bulkhead Door

disintegrated blossoms
rain and time
etch the cosmos

Thoughts On The Window

winter exhales
constructing dandelions
made of cold hope

I Awoke At The Ocean

sand dollars gathered
on the shoreline
of cold

On Cold Nights

the angels
dress the windows
with fleur de liys

Cold Curves

bubbles and froth
in a static state
softness solidified

Abstract Of Rickrack

zig zagging leaves
upon themselves

Dress Up Just For Yourself

ordinary rock
adorned with
lichen lace ruffle

Stained Glass Grass

cathedral windows
on the ground
nature is my church

When Being Empty Is Being Whole

the light and fluff
a meadow star remains

Morning Glory

I fly in your sky
and swim in
your ocean of blue