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  1. Catherine – curious as to why you don’t have a like button on your posts here on the blog home page? It only shows up in my reader, which, fortunately, is where I most often encounter them.

    1. Rich, it’s because I like to keep the look of the blog very clean – and you can’t have a like button without displaying people’s “gravatars” and to my eye that makes this visually messy. So I really appreciate likes because I know it isn’t easy to give them (you have to click through to comments to get to a like button) if your not already a follower and viewing in your reader.

  2. Fun! It reminds me of an art exhibit I saw where the artist made little scenes and characters out of nature items 🙂

  3. This might be one of my favorites of yours. That green color presents such a beautiful contrast against the white of the snow

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