Still Green

in the morning sun
frost into dew

The River In September

the deepening
of green and blue
expands the view

She Is Known By A Thousand Names

the infinity
of green
endless variations

Crossing Boundaries

inspired by moss
a touch of green
kindles in last year’s grass

Celestial Pageantry

of clouds
celebrates summer

Calling Forth Green

the snow and clouds
evergreens conjure spring

Green Calculus

forest calculates
the geometry
of fallen trees

Time Travel

there goes the wind
through the trees
carrying time

Vantage Point

from the ground
looking all around


spring’s green
biding her time
beneath the ice

Hues and Shades

morning light
the sky is painted
in clouds and white

At The Green House

breathing in green
all the starts and stirrings
of potential