21 Replies to “Beneath and Between”

  1. Beautiful image, Seedbud. I love the imagery and the use the tree for framing. Nice. If you are using post-processing software don’t hesitate on pushing the white a bit more.

  2. The rhythm of your words reminds me of the good Mr. Eliot. To paraphrase:

    Between the sunlight
    And the shadow
    Between the tree limb
    And the snow
    Falls the Season

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this!
      Oh! The wondrous Mr. Eliot.
      What an honor to be a reminder of him.
      Now he is on my list of poets to steep in for next year.
      Very Best,

  3. I was drawn into this winter wonderland of calm by the brown and texture of your beloved crabapple tree….

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