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  1. Oh my, that is too true! It was so cold yesterday even the elves that hang out by trees were complaining it’s too cold and wished that they were birds who could fly south to warmer weather!

  2. I just love this photo, what a nice capture of both the berries and the snow! I would like to ask have you an idea of what this tree is? I have a similar tree growing next door and we are all wondering what it it? The berries are on it now since the summer, it’s wonderful!

      1. I love the flowering crabapple – the profusion of blossoms in the spring and then the berries nearly all through winter – bringing all sorts of birds.

      2. And I am happy to have finally identified the tree in next doors garden, which gives me so much pleasure. My neighbour wants to uproot it as it grows too close to his house, and would like me to take it, I’ve just decided that I will. 🙂

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