21 Replies to “Stroll Garden”

  1. Marvelous…not one word wasted! The feeling of quiet peacefulness the grazing cows bring to the poem is wonderful!

  2. Wow very peaceful place!! I love those kinds of cows, wished I knew what they are called! I call them saddle cows cuz it looks like they are wearing saddles! Hugz Lisa and Bear

    1. I think they are Belted Galloways, and yes, they are wonderful. I’ve seen them only twice here in Texas, but I have a feeling they’re becoming more popular. Beautiful creatures, for sure.

    1. Hi Dr. Denny – as always thanks so much for your comments. The Shin-Boku stroll garden and Japanese specimen tree nursery is at 180 Beech Hill Rd. Wentworth NH shin-bokunursery.com Worth a visit for sure!

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