The Size Of Time

the herd
dwarfed by trees
nature’s hierarchy of scale

Morning With Cows

space and place
for each one
to low and graze

Cows In The Pasture

however far away
place holders
for a summer’s day

Holding Whatever Is Offered

the pasture
empty of cows
filling with snow

Afternoon With Cows

we bask
in autumn light
as time floats by

Time Enough

day moved slow
as cow and ducks
listened to the grass grow

Of Corn And Cows

wealth of wealth
cows rest between
fertile fields of feed

Good Morning

morning graze
the river flows
and songbirds serenade


the grass is greener
right where you are

Herd on the Hill

the gentle slope
the tender grass
sweet lazy grazing


waiting for the cornfield to be mowed
bovine beauties bask
in the last of Indian summer’s sun


They feed in the field of their ancestors
and rest in a humble structure
that is everything it needs to be –

Open Door

The pond frogs serenade the cows
with an early evening lullaby
when the barn doors are open.