Chasing Blue Skies

up ahead
on the trail
our scouts

Talking Sticks

the insects path
the woodland’s story

The Way

gentle path
through the flowering field
the road to happy destiny

In The Dooryard Of The Birdhouse

the world
bloomed around us
it was enough just to be

Midnight Snack

dawn light reveals
the wandering path
of a nocturnal browse

Lighting The Way

winter raised
her red flamed torches
showing us the path


finally seen
the exit
from darkness

Two Chairs On The Path

together we sit
and wait for fall’s
parade of color

Alone With Everything

down the soft pine needle path
amidst the tall tall trees
the breeze accompanies me

When Paths Diverge

some times
the deepest connection
is made alone

Mystic Path

September morning
the green path
leads dreams into day


stepping stones
in the mossy path
invitation to the woods

Time Out

solitary chair
a private perch
for perspective making


wisdom grown
of fear or love
the web becomes the path


a decadence
of earthly pleasures
oh the primrose path

Between Trees

now that I’ve found you
every trail leads
to your wise counsel