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  1. Such gentle words of renewal – I really appreciate the thought-filled combinations of words with image that arrives in my inbox with your posts – Thank you

  2. It’s so interesting that, even though I’ve always known the expression, “feather your nest”, I’ve never considered its roots. A lovely image, and a lovely bit of learning, here.

  3. For the past three years now a Blackbird has been coming to my front porch in spring, trying to build a nest on top of my porch light. Each year she has been getting better and this year she even started earlier than usual and was doing quite well until yesterday, I opened my front door to find that the cruel wind had torn the nest from the light and strewn it across my front door step.
    This morning she has begun collecting again and started the whole rebuilding process, I was sad yesterday but I am happy again today. I feel privileged that she has chose my doorstep out of all possible doorsteps.
    Your poem is beautiful and very accurate. I was so happy to see it now… perfect timing.
    Thank you.

    1. and thank you for sharing your story. the cruel, cruel wind. So glad she is building again already – and it does seem very special that she has picked your porch. They do seem to like porch lights – I wonder if they consider them “nannies” keeping the babies warm when they are off the nest…

  4. This morning I filmed a Robin gathering muddy grass from a lakeside. Five minutes later he was filling his beak with so much dried grass that he looked like he had a bale of hay in there. I won’t get to see his nest, but I had fun seeing him building it anyway.

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