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  1. I live in warm tropical climate to which snowfall is an alien phenomenon. In spite of that your picture awakens in me the song of the brook. Thanks!

    1. Hi, sorry I’m so tardy and sporadic about comments. I live in the “upper valley” of New Hampshire, the northern part of the state – but not the northern most which is called the Northeast Kingdom. I live very near the connecticut river which separates New Hampshire from Vermont. The local saying about where I live is “it’s not the end of the world but you can see it from here”. Quite remote. So peaceful and beautiful.

      1. Hi, Seedbud. Even though I live in Virginia, I am in the mountains and we have a similar climate to yours… that explains why your pics look so very similar to what I am seeing here. And I can relate to the “remoteness” – we are an hour’s drive away from the nearest supermarket.

  2. Really like listening to to the laughter of water. Wonderful.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment too.

  3. I enjoyed my stroll through your photos and thoughts. Each matching with a delicate and skilled hand. Thank you for your visits. May spring come soon. While there is a blessed peace to winter…I am ready for Spring to launder her white petticoat and wear a brilliant green frock!

    Hugs, Jules

    1. Jules, I’ve so been enjoying your posts. “ready for spring to launder her white petticoat and wear a brilliant green frock”! PERFECTION!! ooo, Seedbud

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