They Appeared From Seemingly Nowhere

a cohort
of bloodroot
laughing in the sun

Warm Memory To Store For Winter

a Saturday landscape
the playful breeze
and laughing leaves

Laughing Dragons

the tiny jaws of snapdragons
open with a gentle squeeze
releasing their laughter


At the edge of the apple grove the spring comes above ground
and wanders across the meadow laughing in delight at the change of season.

Water Fall

A slide of green velvet moss,
a plush pile carpet of leaves,
water carbonated with laughter –
this is the spot where the fairies play.

Surface of Sound

The laughter and song of the brook
are part of the mountain’s music.
This is the surface of sound.


You no longer tell time by new rings.
Now as a beam, you measure time
by the nights and days of shelter you provide,
absorbing laughter and tears into your fibers and history.