The Song Of Silence

deep in the woods
on the frozen vernal pond
the music played on

Hearing The Unsaid

the silence
of cold and snow
told us what we needed to know

The Leaves’ Lullaby

a song
made of silence
in the falling hush

In Nature’s Backyard

the silent travels
of shadows
and wildlife

Silent Talk

each morning
sweet greetings
in the tender look

Silent Assembly

mysteries gather
in the misty woods
awaiting sunlight’s unveiling


silence falls
where there was song
shy bird

Told in Silence

quiet perfection
unfolding, unfolding
a rhythm of pink and cream

The Amplification of Being

deep silence
listening to
the shadows move

Confidence in Elders

counsel sought
of two great pines
knowledge shared in silence

Winter Conjure

a spell was cast with mist and cloud
the silence spoke
whilst glistening snow listened


within the somber silence
the black and white of things
darkness gestates spring

Quiet White

bright blue sky
hushed by clouds
quiet white surrounds

Silent Rehearsal

beneath the grey and stillness
within every twig and limb
all cells are harmonizing
readying for the symphony of spring