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    1. I hope you have many more sharp, bright, clear days this winter! We’ve had quite a bit of ice and now rain, so winter will have to start over I guess.

  1. I just love your beautiful photos and wonderful poetry. It offers that little moment of reflection and peace in an otherwise often too hectic day! Thank You!

    1. Hi, I apologize for the mystery of the like button. Here’s the thing. I like to keep the look of the blog simple and clean and I can’t post a like button without having to show gravatar images. So they only way to get to the like button is to click on comments and you’ll find one there – near the bottom of whatever is on that page I believe. Thanks for your comments and taking the time to ask. As you’ll notice from how long it took me to answer this – replying to comments is not my strong suit – but comments keep me going in many ways. So much thanks.

    1. I love winter, but it can be a bit treacherous. Recently fell, tromping about, searching out subjects. I’m fine but my camera didn’t quite recover. Oh well. So, be careful out there. And thanks for all the beauty you share on your blog.

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