40 Replies to “Blue with Butterfly”

  1. Beautiful photograph. Thank you for reminding us of the beauty we can see when we look.

  2. What a beautiful photograph! How wonderful that you were able to capture this moment.

    On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 2:56 AM, leaf and twig wrote:

    > ** > seedbud posted: ” Rest among the raindrops. Blue flowers bloom without > the sun.”

  3. I’m envious. The only butterfly I’ve managed to capture … was dead. This is marvelous image. Well done (as usual).

  4. Such a beautiful photograph. And although I’m currently trying to eradicate spiderwort from my garden (too aggressive), I do have a soft spot for its lovely flowers.

  5. What at beautiful photo – love it! I’ve tried to capture butterflies with my camera but have thus far never been successful! My hat’s off to you!

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