On The Bulkhead Door

disintegrated blossoms
rain and time
etch the cosmos

Green Goblets

waiting to be filled
with the drink of rain
before fully unfurling

Repeat Repeat

rain removes snow
then develops into sleet
so goes winter: repeat, repeat

Feeding The Lake

new rain rushes
to quench the thirst
of the drought-ed lake

Watercolored Woods

thinned by the rain
what remains
intensified by space

Essential Elements

steel heron
waits by stone bowl
filled with rain

By The River In July

thirsty fields
some much needed rain

Making Sense Of Things

as I approach
the mist recedes
slow introduction to clarity

We Are Like

in a puddle
essentially, eventually one

Oak And Heuchera Juxtaposed

rain revealed
a still purple leaf
preserved by cold


last night’s rain
returned us to November
and snow begins again

Circle Of Life

woven together
departure and arrival

Found And Found Again

the truth
of beauty
is always rearranging

Until We Meet Again

grasses weep
a tear or two
bidding summer ado