Second Bloom

this time
raindrops bloom
into shimmering flowers

Portrait Of The Iris

a stately classic
who often surprises
with her sly insouciance

An Echo Of Yellow

blossoms calling
back and forth
across the garden bed

We Are Like

in a puddle
essentially, eventually one

Diamond Drops

the only tool needed
for mining beauty
was observation

Circle Of Life

woven together
departure and arrival

Until We Meet Again

grasses weep
a tear or two
bidding summer ado


a potent joy
in the brightness
of crabapples

Morning’s Glory

brilliant blue
this season’s colors

February’s January Thaw

the melt
holds onto
raindrops’ drop



Becoming One Another

the icing pond
receiving rain
so many ways to be


winter gathers
at the pond’s edge
hiding cold amongst the reeds