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  1. I know this may sound strange, but when I saw the title today 1st, “Rising” I guess I was mentally preparing to see something “up” instead of down.

    So when the image became apparent… I didn’t know what I was looking at exactly, but it became a skydiver floating above the earth from a long way up. Can anyone else twist their brain to see this?

    I think the whitish speck in the middle became the sky diver, and the fish and other darkish shadow became lakes.

    I’m ok now… I’m back on Earth.

  2. A beautiful reminder of just how small we really are and even from above the little things that mother nature reveals to us often go unnoticed…

  3. What an intriguing image! Like I others, I thought at first this was an aerial view of a landscape far below. I like that it can look like both this and the close-up waterscape it is!

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