The Pond Opened For Song

opening ceremony
the joyful croaking chorus
of peepers peeping

The Song Of Silence

deep in the woods
on the frozen vernal pond
the music played on

Atop The Rock

while together
with everything

First One Bloom Then…

like ripples on a pond
the blooms go on and on

The Maple’s Ghost

floated by
gracefully entering
the next dimension


winter gathers
at the pond’s edge
hiding cold amongst the reeds

The Trees Abstracted

water offers
a reflective reminder
of life’s fragile fluidity

Time Enough

day moved slow
as cow and ducks
listened to the grass grow


reflective mood
each perspective
a new understanding


these limbs embrace
each season’s passage
cradling the transient now


winter’s gift
distilled down
into the sky blue pond

Winter Dreams

in the comfort of cattails
keeping watch
frogs and fish fast asleep

186,000 Miles Each Second

in every grey day
light is always at work
moving towards a breakthough