With only its curvature telling its story
a tree rights itself against unseen forces.

24 thoughts on “Fortitude”

  1. I found a similar tree recently and wondered to myself what words I could use to describe and explain the phenomena. Thankfully you have come up with far better than I imagined.


      1. I’ll get a pic of it; I stood and wondered for a while, and with no explanation I imagined the scene from the Matrix where they dodge bullets, bending themselves out of the way 🙂 But out of the way of what?


  2. Whenever I see a tree like this, I try to imagine what happened to it … snow? temporary fall with enough sun to rise again? When living in Vermont, I’d see small stands of trees just like this! Loved the mystery!


  3. I have to say I agree with Mike…your wonderful tree so representative of life! while I love trees with leaves, my favourite time of the year is after the leaves fall…there is something so beautiful about the “naked trees” as I like to call them. 🙂 love their gnarly, twisted limbs…


  4. You have some stunning photos here, and some very insightful words. I feel inspired to take my camera for a walk! Thanks for liking my post on summer flowers, a complete contrast to your winter landscapes.


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