Two Birds

the expanse of the sky
was unfathomable
so they flew together

In Uncertainty

one kind of courage
consists of
quiet and stillness

How We Save Each Other

grace surrounded us
as hawk and humans surrendered fear
courage was found and help accepted

DETAILS: We managed to cut the barbed wire fence,
and softly secured the hawk who was picked up by the Fish and Game Warden
and taken to a bird rescue where he/she had surgery and will be rehabilitated

Before the Unfurling

petals held
tight in a fist
gathering the courage to open

Yellow Buds

the circumstance of spring
a clarion call
to courage in beauty

Cry for Courage

the unopened bud
soothed and softened
by heaven’s tears

Quiet Courage

bowed to the forces of nature
resilience is the heart
of the wind swept pine