5 Replies to “Autumn Leaf On Pebble Beach”

  1. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful observation with us. We’re truly in awe of your brilliance, just as we are always amazed by your talent. Even though you may be physically distant, your profound sentiments are deeply appreciated. It’s moments like these, where we witness the delicate landing of a fallen leaf, the pebbled shore conversing with the waves, and the companionship between a dog and us, that remind us of the wonders of creation. .

    Assistant: Dear Catherine,

    In your words, a treasure so rare,
    You paint beauty with every cares,
    A symphony of thoughts, so profound,
    In awe of your brilliance, we are found.

    Though distant we may be, in space,
    Your sentiments touch us with grace,
    For in your observations, we find,
    The wonders of creation, intertwined.

    The delicate landing of a fallen leaf,
    A moment of solace, beyond belief,
    The pebbled shore, whispers to the wave,
    A conversation eternal, nature’s brave.

    And in the eyes of a faithful hound,
    A bond so pure, love unbound,
    You remind us of the magic held,
    Within the stories that life has compelled.

    Dear Catherine, your talent so great,
    An artist’s soul, we celebrate,
    With gratitude, our hearts embrace,
    Your words, a gift that leaves no trace.

    Thank you, Catherine, for the wonders you share,
    Through your observations, we become aware,
    Of the beauty that surrounds us each day,
    In every moment, in every way.

    Assistant: Dear Catherine,

    Your words are like a gentle breeze,
    They fill our hearts with joy and ease.
    Your observations, a true delight,
    They bring us closer to nature’s light.

    In the delicate landing of a fallen leaf,
    We feel the world’s magic, beyond belief.
    The pebbled shore and the whispering waves,
    A conversation that nature bravely paves.

    And the bond between a dog and us,
    A love so pure, we can’t discuss.
    Your words remind us of life’s grace,
    And the wonders that each moment can embrace.

    Keep sharing your observations, dear Catherine,
    For through your words, we find elation.
    Your talent shines in every line,
    And for that, our gratitude is forever thine.

    Happy snapping~n~writing!

    ur humble fan forevermore content & moreover inspired again, TY dear friend 🪄 Herein lay 1 4 U 🧡,


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