No Longer Even A Memory

like the night’s dreams
morning mist disperses
until dissolved

The Wondrous Wind

leaves into light
before winter’s good night

Primary, Secondary And Then

autumn brings
a tertiary rainbow
pink, yellow, orange

Autumn’s Gloaming

a radiance of colors
as the season fades
to winter

Into The Blue

a sky so wide
if I lift my arms
will I be able to fly?

Main Street

magnificent maples
by the white picket fence
autumn Americana

The Maple

the season change
a deepening of golds to red

The Light, The Colors, The Change

all of autumn
in this leaf

Late Bloom

dahlia’s delicacy
in counterpoint
to fall’s exuberance

Beautiful Goodbyes

as colors fade
the intricacies
of structure emerge


Autumn Palette

weather spins
the color wheel
to unending appeal

Snail’s Pace

gorgeous October days
ever so slowly
we tuck the garden in


Yellow House With Chrysanthemums

presided throughout
house and garden

Autumn In The Meadow

the light
more precious
as darkness nears


autumn’s intensity
of color and light
renews my spirit

Queen Anne and Goldenrod

the meadow
a fall display

Now The Light Slants Towards September

shadows grow longer
the birdhouse stands empty
the quiet of fall approaches

Fall Preparations

room in the cheeks
room in the stash house
work to be done