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  1. Aw.. that’s one of those moments that go from “Oh, hi there” to “Oh” and then to “Oh, no” and then to acceptance of a gift, gone, leaving earthly beauty behind. Thank you for sharing that moment.

  2. Sad, but poignot and beautiful, too – I believe my long trusted Grandfather Robin I came to expect a visit from, for many years here, quietly laid down in last season’s red sedum stalks, went to sleep and said, “I am at rest & done with this phase” – – my son found him while clearing last years carbon for mulching and called out, and when he said, “robin” I said, “Wait! Don’t touch! I want to see if…” cuz my older, lame in one crooked leg, many seasons companion hadn’t yet showed up – sigh – not sure him, because even once rolled over, I couldn’t fully tell if the legs tucked under him, and now frozen in place, if one of them was lame or not – but the grey strokes on the lower wings, one portion of backside/leg and the more orange-red dull color of the breast – well – in my heart, I figure, no more Grandfather Robin visits. But my, didn’t he look peaceful and not in pain – the scavengers of my wild landscape from tiny to larger fronts hadn’t even messed with him at all, though other signs around indicated, he was ripe for such activies and had been center of other activities – – I can only confess to feeling better that perhaps they, too, knew he was to be left in peace

    1. TamrahJo, thank you so much for sharing your experience with Grandfather Robin. Such a joy to have them in our lives, such a sorry when they go. Nature always teaching us about the seasons and cycles of life and the mysteries of love and connection.

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