motionless he remained
his soul already
flown to heaven


In Thanks

Moss writes the inscription
on the tree’s tombstone
well lived, generous even in death.

Leaves Surrender

the first surrender is to color
the second is to be untethered by the wind
and the final surrender is to perish in form and replenish the earth

Goodbye My Dear Friend

He goes free of the earth.

The sun of his last day sets
clear in the sweetness of his liberty.

The earth recovers from his dying,
the hallow of his life remaining
in all his death leaves.

Radiances know him. Grown lighter
than breath, he is set free
in our remembering. Grown brighter
than vision, he goes dark
into the life of the hill
that holds his peace.

He’s hidden among all that is,
and cannot be lost.

Wendell Berry


Slender Thread

We are tied to this earth
with a thread more slender and fragile
than the stem of a birch leaf in autumn.


Rocks and trees know not to struggle
but to simply stay until the appointed time comes to go.
Change is forever pulling or pushing.
Do not begrudge the current its way.

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