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  1. Hello C, Thank you for your perseverance in the pursuit of filling Mother Earth’s New England photo album. I am so proud of you. I appreciate the moments I give to opening my mind to your daily nature discoveries. You are invited to my Zoom “YOGA: At Home with Pauline”, Tues & Fridays 12 noon EDT. 🙏🏻❤️

    1. Pauline! How marvelous to hear from you. I am so glad to know you are taking the daily ‘stroll’ with me. On a rainy Tuesday or Friday when I’m not in the gardens I’d love to zoom yoga with you. Can you send me the link? 2carcolio@gmail.com I do the legs against the wall pose every evening and often think of you and your wonderful gentle yoga class where we did that pose. Be well. Safe Safe. Believe.

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