The Crabapples

by sunlight
on black velvet shadow

15 thoughts on “The Crabapples”

  1. … as orange pearls
    in the dark night,
    as your lips, smiles
    into my black thoughts

    Could I continue your words with my silly ones?
    oh, sorry! It was not possible to resist …

  2. Catherine–this reminds me of a sermon when I heard about how just as a pearl is always presented against a backdrop of black velvet–so God’s grace is always most palpable against the backdrop of a dark time–perhaps as we are currently experiencing as a country right now. This beautiful picture of these glorious gems of God’s creation cogently reminded me of that–for which I am grateful.

    1. George, thank you so much for sharing that. Looking deeply into nature I am reassured of the abundance of grace and gently reminded that there is, in spite of everything, so very much to be grateful for.

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