13 Replies to “Buddha and the Dutchmen”

      1. We have a creeper here known as Dutchman’s pipe(shaped like a Meerschaum pipe) but the Dutchman’s breeches I have never seen or heard of.

  1. What is your latitude? Your spring is about a month and a half later than ours.

    I’ve enjoyed this blog so much! Your poems are fresh and inspired! I look forward to them in my inbox among the many, many corporate newsletters. You’ve reminded me that I can enjoy poetry again. It’s much more fun than in high school when it’s grueling to dissect the poems for imagery, tone, cadence, etc. To be fair, there are several artistic blogs that interest me, but your ability to parse something meaningful down to just a few words has held my interest. We live in an overwhelming time!

    1. I’m in Northern New Hampshire. We’ve had quite a delayed and lingering spring this year. Thank you so much for your kind words.

    2. We live in overwhelming times indeed.

      The power of meditation and enlightenment blossoms into the sweetest poetry. You will observe that Dhammapada is more of poetry…


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