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    1. Your memory is keen. I’ve used it a few times – once before the dahlias emerged and another year when the orange dahlias were the guardians of the gate. It leads to a walk in the woods we call “the loop” where various little buddhas have been placed in contemplation spots. So this gate does always seem to be inviting me to take that walk. Even the dog hears the invitation.

  1. The poem goes so well with the photograph. It gave me a fresh view of that very fresh but also somewhat classical (classy too!) scene.

    I don’t know flowers, so I looked for connections and found one I really like in relation to your post: “. . . the dahlia flower expresses sentiments of dignity and elegance. It is also the symbol of a commitment and bond that lasts forever.” (http://peopleof.oureverydaylife.com/symbolic-meaning-dahlia-flower-7782.html)

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