21 Replies to “Steps to Change”

  1. I had a weird step thing on my property before I moved. It was in my front yard and I could never figure out what it was?? I used it to put interesting rocks and such…….

  2. I feel a sense of permanence and durability in old stones, as if they hold the stories of our ancestors and, that if we listened closely, we could hear them whisper to us.

    1. If the stone talks…do we learn the truth about gnomes…about dwarves…the richness of that history…bound up in the stone? Thank you and ‘leaf and twig’ for the inspiration!

  3. very good. I believe the only one that said nothing positive to me is the Buddha one. As a Christian it simply did not set well. but the vast number of them really do touch me. And this one did exactly that . Cine see me at Jlehman1945

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