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  1. We have wetlands behind us. In the summer it is dense, but in the winter you can see all the way inside. There are many trees down, partially down, or coming down. It always reminds me of the old tinker toys. But, they provide homes for nature’s population.

  2. A three-part triumph! Installation (you found it), photograph (caught it), poem (made it). Like all good art, it offers layers. Now we can return at will–to observe, reflect, and be changed.

  3. Well. you don’t need my comment but this reminds me of the /redwood Forest in California. The small trees and branches support these Treasures given us by God. They have roots that are not at all deep and they depend on the vegetation around to support them. And their cones are tiny. A miracle of God and they can’t be destroyed by fire because of some ingredient in their bark. Just thought I would share than like I would love your readers to find me . LOL jlehman1945 Come see me and send reinforcements because my stories are good, lead people to see the power of God and are easy to read. jlehman1945

  4. This is a very interesting image! I love how you simply stated the support there. Such a strong concept that we can all learn from! You really made me stop and think, and I appreciate you sharing!

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