25 Replies to “Rain of Gold”

  1. wonderful. You have a great talent for capturing color in winter, things we see every day but the rest of us fail to notice. Thanks for helping me see the world differently with your words and pictures.

  2. The choice of words…I am amazed, the metaphor is perfect. And the picture is beautiful. Great effort, keep writing, evermore. Check out my blog, if you can! 🙂

  3. Wasn’t there a song? Something like, “Drape some soft, orange color on the old oak tree”? I think I like your color better than the yellow ribbons.

  4. Lovely, you always make me appreciate nature, and your pictures are incredible. I truly look forward to your entries. I look forward to them all the time. jlehman1945 I would love it if you visited by blog. jlheman1945

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