37 Replies to “Message in the Mirror”

  1. After a second look, I saw the symbol for infinity that forms when the plants and their reflection are taken together. Lovely, and thought-provoking.

  2. Oh low I love to see the beauty you utilize to paint God in nature. I have to have so many words but you excel with a gorgeous picture. I am in love with it and also a bit envious. Keep bringing me back. jlheman1945

  3. I see a pair of glasses, maybe sun glasses, but I can’t tell if someone is looking at me or if I’m trying to “see through.” Haunting image, perfect poem to go with it.

  4. Dear Catherine, thank you very much for your taking the time to evaluate my works, for your being a “follower” of mine and for your “like” on my “Dream Toys #2. Your thoughts and comments will always be appreciated. Please allow me to reciprocate best compliments and wishes for your great artwork. I loved “Message in the Mirror”, both photo and words. With kind regards. Edoardo

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