35 Replies to “In The Interval”

  1. Ahhhh beautiful little feathers! Nice post! I love how you poetically describe your photographs. Hugz Lisa and Bear

  2. Beautiful. We have the same picture looking down the hill, but in our case the birds congregate along the top of two wych elms. A lay by for feathery travellers. Thank you for the image.

  3. Perfect title for the image, for the poem, and for both together! (Maybe for life in general too – which is a strong argument for art)

  4. I think you have in your own way come upon an ancient combination we humans have done to celebrate spring. Swedes celebrate spring with a vase full of pussy willows to which florists have carefully tied colourful bird feathers. Not a coincidence, your vision and theirs matching from such seemingly different parts of the compass and the time grid. link to example: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-F5V_1r31qww/T2r6Uyw1_JI/AAAAAAAAB2k/2L2PzCQB5RU/s1600/BOUQUETmm.jpg

    1. Niaih, thank you so much for writing and making that connection! How wonderful to know the way the Swedes celebrate Spring. Best to you!

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