Devotion To Grey

late February days
when daytime
feels like twilight

Brightened By

love letter
from a long lost paramour
color inside March’s monochrome

In Winter’s Grey

patch of light
in the field out back

The Sea in the Sky

cloud waves
crashing on the shores
of a grey May day


drinking in
the blue blue sky
brief banishment of grey

Unseen Seen

with in a web
of black and white
complexities of grey

April Showers

engulfed in grey
all hope of spring
seemingly stripped away
April’s stern instruction of patience

In The Interval

the birch
wears feathers
while waiting for leaves


undiluted by colors
complexities of grey
emerge and educate


by winter’s demands
evergreens refuse to release color or needles
and stand in defiant contrast to the ever greying landscape.

Panta rhei

The flower has turned to pod
the warmth of the sun belies the bite in the breeze
everything flows.

Georgia’s Touch

Unlikely colors blend and into me seeps
a joy of beauty that abolishes all greyness of spirit.

The Tao of Trees

In his stillness
the squirrel seeks
to become one with the tree.


As dusk descends a storm approaches,
celestial light graces the trees
and shelters the shadow of the house.

Before the Storm

the sky gathers greyness and weight
and pushes itself upon us blanketing us with
anticipation in the stillness and the stirring smell of approaching snow.