by winter’s demands
evergreens refuse to release color or needles
and stand in defiant contrast to the ever greying landscape.

Panta rhei

The flower has turned to pod
the warmth of the sun belies the bite in the breeze
everything flows.

Georgia’s Touch

Unlikely colors blend and into me seeps
a joy of beauty that abolishes all greyness of spirit.


As dusk descends a storm approaches,
celestial light graces the trees
and shelters the shadow of the house.

Before the Storm

the sky gathers greyness and weight
and pushes itself upon us blanketing us with
anticipation in the stillness and the stirring smell of approaching snow.


The February forest offers
ten thousand shades of grey,
haven for the mourning dove.


Every evening as day departs
the sky reveals a secret
about the passage of time.

The Heart of Ice

Hope is the energy that beats the heart.
Light is its manifestation.
Love fills the space in between.


Snow covers the land with quiet,
muting the colors of Fall.
Winter’s paintbrush holds a thousand shades of grey.

Roof Tops

We are safe beneath the peaks and eves
as cold gathers in the big grey sky.

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