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  1. Great photo. Yellow tail feathers? I have never seen that! Very cool!

    Updraft of spring, but there is still a lot of snow in your photo 😉

    Happy weekend!

    Kind regards,

    1. Bohemian Waxwings. A large flock has been working in our crabapple tree for a while now. A bit unusual for them to be here – and especially in such large numbers. They have been a delight to watch.

  2. Beautiful birds in flight! I bet they want some spring and sunshine too!! Happy wonderful weekend! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  3. I’m glad to know what they are. We have cedar waxwings occasionally, but they only come through, and are only here for a few days. Some years, we don’t see them at all. These are especially beautiful, and your capture of the yellow tail feathers is splendid.

    1. HA! Well I am always lurking about and looking in trees that is for sure. And for some wonderful and mysterious reason the birds often let me come rather close while they are feeding in the tree near my home.

  4. I’ve only seen Cedar waxwings when they migrate thru my area, but never the Bohemian kind. What gorgeous little yellow border on their tails. The whole picture looks ethereal, even spiritual.

    1. This is the first time I’ve seen the bohemians here – and they are in great abundance. I saw the spiritual in this image also -it whispered to me of a rising phoenix or the resurrection. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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