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  1. Good morning,

    I am a new subscriber and do very much enjoy your postings.

    I own Shin-boku Nursery in Wentworth and have seen some pictures taken here on your website.

    Looking at your pictures I believe that you live in the area of Orford.

    Should ever return to Shin-boku I would like to meet you and show you around. The Shin-boku Stroll Garden looks very nice in the Winter.

    Thank you for your site.

    Palmer Koelb

    1. Palmer, thanks so much for following and for writing. I’d love to come back to Shin-boku. I came with a friend on the fourth of July and you shared your hotdog picnic with us.:) I’d love to meet again; seeing the stroll garden in winter is on my must do list. Perhaps some time in January. I’ll email you so it can be a time when you are there. Very Best, Catherine

  2. There is simply something ravishing about natural beauty such as this–thank you for capturing its freedom for us to share.

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