30 thoughts on “Request”

  1. Almost a picture of all 4 seasons; the nest being Spring, the berries for Autumn , the bare branches leafless of Winter. Beautiful.


  2. What a surprising picture, the abandoned bird’s nest nestled into the abundant harvest of berries. Wondering what those berries might be – serviceberries, perhaps? This would make a beautiful holiday greeting card.


    1. Hmm. Serviceberries I’m not familiar with those but I love the name. These are crabapples. A lovely tree with pink blossoms in the spring. It attracts many birds including a pileated woodpecker who visits it most every morning.


      1. Crabapples! They look so beautiful and smooth like cherries. Serviceberries are out because they ripen in early fall and would be entirely consumed by wildlife by now. You might know them as Juneberries. They are the earliest white blossoms in the woods in spring.


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