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  1. In the spring, wild mustard transforms our meadows like this. But since it is July, I am wondering whether this is perhaps wild parsnip (it’s blooming here by the side of the road softening it in a sort of romantic way).

    1. It most likely is wild parsnip – which is everywhere ever since hurricane Irene. It looks so harmless and cheerful but it causes terrific allergic reactions – so I’m always very careful around anything that even slightly resembles it.

      1. I heard that it could cause skin rashes but I haven’t touched it. There are a number of plants I am highly allergic to, so I don’t want to find out about another one..

      2. This is one that you really want to be aware of and stay away from! It’s worth looking up on the internet.
        I constantly have to remind myself if I don’t know a plant – not to touch it, no matter how pretty.

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